About Us

LifeTalk Radio reaches out to people of ALL ages, empathizing with them, ministering to their needs, winning their confidence, and leading them to Jesus.

LifeTalk Radio is broadcasting God’s message of love and redemption 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Programs are designed to strengthen spiritual life and family values. LifeTalk Radio offers family friendly programming. Some of our popular programs include: Your Story Hour, Family Life Today, Adventures in Odyssey, Voice of Prophecy, Bible Answers Live, Breath of Life, Lifestyle Magazine, Moneywise, It Is Written, Health & Longevity, Plug Into Life, Science Scripture and Salvation, Heartwise and many more.

LifeTalk Radio can be heard over a network of stations across North America. Our signal is also distributed internationally, reaching multiple continents around the world. LifeTalk Radio is available on Satellite, Roku, Amazon Echo, Google Home and on mobile devices using our LifeTalk App. Three online channels include: lifetalkkids.net / LifeTalkMusic.net / LifeTalkKids.net

The opinions expressed on our programs are solely the opinions of the hosts or their guests, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of LifeTalk Radio, its parent organization, or affiliates.

LifeTalk Radio is connecting people with Christ!