LifeTalk 30 Year Anniversary

It’s time to celebrate. Bring out the cake and candles, the balloons and party hats because this year LifeTalk Radio turns 30.

So here’s a question: For how many years have you been enjoying LifeTalk Radio? If you said 30 years, then you are a charter listener. LifeTalk started on a single radio station in 1992 and has been broadcasting for three decades. Along the way many more stations were added and today LifeTalk is a network of more than 200 stations around the world connecting people with Christ.

To help LifeTalk celebrate this special milepost, please consider sharing an anniversary gift of 30 dollars. And if you’re a regular listener, we invite you to consider making that a monthly pledge. Just click the donate button above.

Do it now while you’re thinking about it. Thank you so much for helping keep LifeTalk on the air, sharing the love of God with a planet in need of hope. Discover more, watch a video with LifeTalk director, John Geli, interviewed by John Bradshaw, president of It Is Written. Learn not only about the history of LifeTalk Radio, but also some interested and dramatic aspects of his personal life. Don’t miss this interesting video. Watch the video now, click on the photo!