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About the Show

Fables of Faith is a captivating radio program presented by Moody Broadcasting that brings timeless moral and spiritual lessons to listeners of all ages. Drawing inspiration from the rich tradition of fables and parables, this program weaves together thought-provoking stories with deep moral and biblical truths.

Each episode of Fables of Faith presents a unique fable or parable that tackles important themes such as integrity, forgiveness, compassion, and faith. These stories, often featuring relatable characters and engaging narratives, serve as powerful tools for teaching valuable life lessons and illustrating spiritual principles.

The program goes beyond mere storytelling, as it also provides insightful commentary and reflections on the deeper meaning and relevance of each fable. Listeners are encouraged to reflect on the lessons presented and consider how they can be applied to their own lives, relationships, and spiritual journeys.

Fables of Faith offers a perfect blend of entertainment and inspiration, creating an engaging listening experience that is both enjoyable and transformative. With its timeless wisdom and engaging storytelling, the program aims to encourage personal growth, foster moral development, and deepen one’s understanding of faith and spirituality. Whether you’re a parent looking to share important values with your children or an individual seeking spiritual enrichment, Fables of Faith is a program that will captivate your imagination and nourish your soul.